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Hello Alfa
Hello Alfa
Eric helps make money management easier so you can live your best
Hi Alfa, would you like to enrol in autosavings? I’ll transfer small amounts only when you can afford it.
Nice! Can you connect me with human counterpart to discuss it further.
No problem Alfa, I’m connecting you with one of our support agents now.
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With Contextual

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Becca, Chief Product officer,

Reason to cherish when a web visitor goes from bot to demo in less than 2 minutes thanks to Frontman AI by Makerobos.

(4/5 Ratings)
Ronak, Director - Helpdesk Automation,

Marketing Automation & personalization have revolutionized marketing. But sometimes that's still not enough to build an experience that people associate with your brand. That's why it's awesome to see how Makerobos has helped us doing exactly what we need.

(5/5 Ratings)
Nathan, Co-founder & CEO,

Have not fully implemented it yet, but playing with Makerobos is the first time I've ever been so impressed with a product that I felt a desire to give up entrepreneurship to join someone else's team. Sexy doesn't even begin to describe it.

(4/5 Ratings)
Vishwas, Director - Marketing Strategy,

Looking at how marketing spent its money so far, I can see that Frontman AI outperformed some of our more traditional efforts in terms of the opportunities it influenced. For one product line, Makerobos delivered 4x the opportunities of a huge industry event we attended and for another product line, it delivered 10x the opportunities of our PPC spend.

(3/5 Ratings)
Priti, Product Manager,

Less than 30 days in, Frontman AI has captured 10x more leads than forms and helped Chirag labs team rapidly convert what could turn into well over 100x the $$ value of one months service

(4/5 Ratings)
Nadim, Sales Manager,

Thanks to Makerobos Team, I just closed a large deal with Frontman as a highly qualified lead was browsing through some of our service pages and chatted with the bot.

(5/5 Ratings)
Kishore, Brand Manager,

We’re able to build better customer relationship and brand loyalty with Makerobos. We’ve seamlessly scaled customer service worldwide.

(3/5 Ratings)
Jim, Director - B2B Business,

Yula Fitness shapes and powers its B2B customer experience with Frontman AI

(4/5 Ratings)
Sharda, Director - Operations,

We reduced global ticket volume by 40% with Frontman AI

(5/5 Ratings)
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